An official name changing starts at the state, where people have to complete the steps of marriage or legal name change in their state of residence. Once the steps at the state level have been completed, the person can request a name change for the federal level elements, such as the social security card. It is unlikely that financial institutions and government agencies will recognize the change unless the change is a full name change.

A legal or marriage name change is only the first stage in the name change process. A person must register the new changed name with the relevant authorities officially for a full name change, regardless of whether the change was made as a result of a marriage, divorce or court order. The Full name change process includes the notification of various federal government agencies for appropriate documentation, which may each require legal proof of name change, either by marriage or legal change and of which nominal fees may or may not be charged. The full name change kits, with exception of both marriage and legal name change, generate the documents needed to inform important government agencies, such as the social security administration, the office of consular affairs (for passports), the Selective Service System and the Vehicle Department (for a new driving license, or a registration certificate) with regard to the new name change. In addition, full name change kits provide information to other institutions such as insurance companies, banks, and employers.

It is important to note that there is no “kits” or set of forms that can change your marriage or legal name for you. Handwritten signatures are still required on all of the forms. Almost all records require personal attention and some changes in person. Nonetheless, full name change kits are exceptionally useful especially for busy professional. Sign up for an account for free at Full Name Change – Sign Up and get started working on your full name change today.