In New York, all residents have the right to change and choose whatever name desired. However, minors, children and inmates are exempted from changing names. For under 18, parents or guardian are required to petition on their ward’s behalf and are also expected to show the judge that the name changing is of the wards’ best interest. All states have laid out a process to ensure a legal name change. In New York, the process to officially change your name depends on your particular situations, mostly, for marriage or for any other particular reasons.


New York marital name changes allows the bride to change names to that the spouse’s last name, any former name of either spouse or a new name combination by just filling out the new name on the marriage license application after marriage. The new name is officially adopted immediately after the marriage ceremony is done. The marriage certificate serves as a proof to change your name on other necessary papers such as the social security card, driver’s license.

For Any Other Reason

To change name for any other reason, whatsoever, you will need a certified copy of your birth certificate and also to fill out the necessary court papers which include; Name Change Petition, Name Change Order, and Request for Judicial Intervention. You can fill these forms online on the New York County Civil Court page ( ) or by obtaining a hard copy.

Once the necessary paperwork has been filed with the court, the court will assign a judge to decide on the petition. If the courts approves the change of name then you must publish your name change in a local newspaper to notify the public about your new name.

However, a person gains local approval for their name change they still need to fully complete the name change process. To so, sign up for an account for free at Full Name Change – Sign Up and get started working on your full name change today.