Almost all, if not every, traditional legal document requires a signature from an appropriate authorized person. The signature of the authorized person makes the document legal and serves as an agreement between the two parties. A digital certificate is a digital reference that provides information about the identity and other supporting information. Cryptography provides support for the full name change certificates by including the cryptograph public key of the individual identified in the certificate. The hash and seal of the full name change certificate is used to match a cryptographic key with a particular person, and the authenticity of that certificate is guaranteed by the user.

The seal found on the name change certificate is similar to the bar code system which is a device-readable optical label containing information about the name change of the person to whom it is connected. The certificate seal provides a unique visible pattern which launches the authenticating website with the hash query when scanned by any QR code reader showing that the name changing certificate received is genuine and not a forged document.

The cryptographic hash algorithm generates a hash value (a fixed string of letters and digits) that is unique to the hashed data. A query of a hash value authenticates the full name change by confirming identity of the person and the record date of the name change. Any change in the hash value such as deletion of characters, results in a different lookup thereby invalidating the full name change certificate.

Verify Page on Mobile

Users can make an unlimited number of verifications for free by scanning a certification of full name change document or directly enter the hash value into the text box.

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