The most important thing to do as someone trying to change their name with a Court Order is to fully legally change your name. In the United States, legal change of names differ from one state to another but the process governing the change is quite similar. This post will take you through the main steps of name changing process in United States.

  1. Choose and decide on a new name.
  2. Obtain name of change forms from your local court or appropriate government office. The forms that typically needed to be filled are;
    • Petition for the Change of Name (sometimes called “deed poll”)
    • A legal backer form
    • An order granting change of name
    • An affidavit of service of notification to authorities (For immigrant, attorney or ex-convict)
  3. Get the forms notarized or signed by a court clerk. Also, never forget to make copies of the signed forms for your own record.
  4. Submit the forms to the appropriate government office for approval.
  5. Publish your name change. This is required by law to make the public aware of your name change.
  6. If all the paperwork has been certified and approved, you will be receiving the court order granting the change of name.
  7. Create an account at Full Name Change – Sign Up, fill out our name change form, and click submit. Using your Full Name Change Kit you’ll be able to finish the process!