Changing Your Name in New York

Important Pointers for New Yorkers

In New York, all residents have the right to change and choose whatever name desired. However, minors, children and inmates are exempted from changing names. For under 18, parents or guardian are required to petition on their ward’s behalf and are also expected to show the judge that the name changing is of the wards’ best interest. All states have laid out a process to ensure a legal name change. [Read More]

Full Name Change vs. Married Name Change vs. Legal Name Change

Comparing the Different Name Change Types

An official name changing starts at the state, where people have to complete the steps of marriage or legal name change in their state of residence. Once the steps at the state level have been completed, the person can request a name change for the federal level elements, such as the social security card. It is unlikely that financial institutions and government agencies will recognize the change unless the change is a full name change. [Read More]

Changing Your Name with a Court Order

Understanding the Requirements

The most important thing to do as someone trying to change their name with a Court Order is to fully legally change your name. In the United States, legal change of names differ from one state to another but the process governing the change is quite similar. This post will take you through the main steps of name changing process in United States. Choose and decide on a new name. [Read More]